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Welcome to the Global Crew Network the crew recruitment service for Tall Ships, Traditional Boats and Classic Yachts. We understand the needs of owners and crew and we provide a professional, personal service to cater for those needs. We will put your CV/Profile online and into the global shop window giving you the best chance of finding your ideal position and also store those details in our crew database.

  Monno Rienksarc

You say...

Where you would like to work
When you would like to work
What type of boat you want to work on
What salary you require in return for your skills and experience
What type of experience/training you wish to gain
- if Amateur, Novice or Trainee Crew

We provide a crew recruitment service for all levels of experience, from novices to professional crew. We are particularly looking for crew with a desire to work on Tall Ships, Traditional Boats and Classic Yachts, as opposed to motor vessels, ferries and liners.

There are thousands of vessels of these types and they are constantly changing crew members. In addition, there are new vessels being built worldwide, which will need crew. Many of these vessels are owned by some of the world's wealthiest people and they sail in some of the most beautiful places on earth. They generally pay very good tax-free salaries and include many extra benefits including travel expenses etc.

We provide...

...a crew profile service, which allows owners and captains to view crewmembers CV's online and contact them direct to discuss terms and conditions etc
...a more personal service for owners and operators where we search our crew database, conduct telephone interviews and check references
...a recruitment service for Shore Based Professionals and Craftsmen within the marine industry seeking employment and for those who wish to train for a career in the marine industry
...for complete novices. a chance to offer their skills in other professions in exchange for hands on sailing experience from owners willing to take on crew on a skills exchange basis

The types of jobs available are not only for sailors as we have clients who require personnel who have a variety of skills other than sailing experience.

Additional skills such as languages, computer skills or experience in other professions may go a long way to helping you find work within the marine industry or onboard one of the many wonderful vessels looking for crewmembers/personnel worldwide.

For more information on opportunities available, see our Employment Opportunities page.